Mountainview Capital

Zidane Capital Corp.

Zidane Capital Corp. (TSX-V: ZZE.P) is our second CPC as principals.  Zidane Capital was listed on the TSX-V in May 2011 and in December 2015, we announced a Qualifying Transaction with HydRx Farms Ltd.

Zidane Capital is structured as a tight shell as it has only 2.1M shares issued and outstanding, which make it a very attractive shell for larger targets. 

  • $205,000 seed round was completed at $0.10 per share
  • $13,000 pre-IPO round was completed at $0.20 per share
  • $200,000 initial public offering was completed at $0.20 per share

Moutainview Capital is assisting in structuring the qualifying transaction, raising funds and liaising with TSX-V.

HydRx is a private company existing under the laws of Canada with a goal to be a leader in the Canadian medical marihuana industry. HydRx has applied to Health Canada to obtain a license under the Medical Marihuana Purposes Regulations ("MMPR") and is planning to request Health Canada to conduct a pre-licensing inspection as early as possible in Q1 2016. Once licensed, HydRx intends to immediately begin production of multiple strains of hydroponically grown high quality medical cannabis in its wholly owned 44,000 sq. ft. industrial production facility in Whitby, Ontario, approximately 60 KM from downtown Toronto. HydRx has the capacity to produce 4,500KG of medical marihuana per year in its existing facilities. In addition to its cannabis growing operations, HydRx has an on site analytical chemistry and bio laboratory and an incinerator for destruction of pharmaceutical waste products. 

Presss here to read the press release announcing the Qualifying Transaction.